Surprising the Mom with photos actually works!

A few weeks ago I had a Dad say he wanted to surprise his wife with portraits of his sons and new puppies for mothers day. It was easy and non stressful, the Dad was relieved that he had something to give and the mother cried with tears of happiness! We all know the greatest gift to family is a beautiful image of someone they love. The Dad bought a 30×40 metal print of the boys on the bridge and a canvas wrap collection of the rest of the images.Yost-118-EditYost-151-EditYost-189-Edit-EditYost-257-EditYost-136-Edit

Location Tween Photos

Monday in Victor, Idaho, it was ugly cold and windy but my assistant and I created images of these WONDERFUL kids that show you can always make beautiful photos if you know how to work with your tools of the trade. The backlight is a Prophoto with a tungsten gel and a reflector in front of them. Stanley-122-Edit

Strong, fit, passionate women with Natural studio light

Working with some strong women, celebrating the commitment to fitness. Using natural light in the backside of my studio.


Sunshine on a cloudy day

Sunshine on a cold, cloudy, rainy, snowy day in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I just created this image today at 4:30pm and wanted to share, because I can bring sun to the worst of photo conditions.


Natural light in studio

Emily is a local artist in Jackson Hole, Wyoming who needed a headshot and an environmental portrait, so we created a studio image and natural light one and got 10 images that we both loved, but here are 3 to share.


In Studio with Maya

It’s all about the light, the beauty dish rules!


Four little girls in winter/Spring time photo session.

No matter what time of year, photo sessions are worth your time and effort. This gaggle of girls are from a family I work with every year and they are so great because the mom works closely with me on their clothing and then she let’s me do the rest.Jones-176-Edit.jpg