Photo Session at Gym 22 – Jackson Hole Wyoming, March 2nd & 3rd, 2017


Beautiful eyes for Tween Month

Tween month is off to a great start. I decided to focus on her beautiful eyes and not her braces. No one wants to see their braces, so it’s possible to make striking images without smiles.Lizzy-436-Edit-Edit-2.jpg

Tween Month


Connor the Cowboy

If it’s not obvious how much fun Connor’s personality is in this photo, then you may need to get your eyes checked. Flo had so much fun shooting with Connor that you would have had no idea it was just for senior portraits. Florence McCall Photography knows how to make your quirky character shine in every photo. connor-72-yearbook

Family Fun at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

It’s quite tough for families not to have a blast at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Flo has had even more fun capturing these memories for 23 years! Flo continues to have a great relationship with the resort and finds any opportunity to come out to snap some of this incredible advertising lifestyle! jhmr-108

Winter Family Portraits

This bright and colorful family was brave for actually showing up on this freezing, windy day. The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort’s unpredictable weather can make it quite tough for environmental portraits but luckily Flo knows all of the secret nooks of the ski resort. Due to the poor conditions Flo had to bring out her tricks of the trade in order to fulfill this local family’s dream photo portraying their true passion, which of course is skiing! Florence McCall Photography is crazy enough to meet you in any condition in order to make your visions come true! olson-103-a

Winter Environmental Portraits with Kymm Rambo

We’re not sure what’s brighter, the snow or this blond bombshell’s radiant smile! Jackson Hole Aviation made for the ideal location on this bluebird day. Kym Rambo won a location photography session through a contest which Flo graciously donated to the Pony Club. Kym works for Net Jets and needed some head shots so the planes and mountains were a perfect representation of her job. She was smart and brought her daughters so she was able to get some family shots as well. It was so cold outside that Flo’s lights froze but luckily the beaming snow made up for extra lighting. Florence McCall Photography will also make you look genuinely happy when you’re standing out in the negative ten degrees weather. rambo-48-2