Dog Portaits

This weather has got us all upside down! However that doesn’t stop Flo from getting out there and making the best portraits possible! How fun does this session look? Two cuties with absolutely great fall style and 5 yes you read correctly 5 doggies to entertain! What a treat! Flo can always make it work whether it be one subject in a controlled studio environment or 7 subjects in rugged Wyoming landscape. This family now has the perfect Christmas card to send out this year and they didn’t have to call anyone from out of town! Your local portrait photographer Flo has got you covered for any or your holiday portrait needs. It’s that time of year! Lets get to it!


Fall Senior Session turned Family Session

Fall senior photo session turned family session! We couldn’t be happier! This family was on top of it and knew that it was the perfect time to take advantage of their high school senior’s portrait session. We loved having everyone there to help make the session that much more relaxed and fun. The weather was right on the brink of turning on us, with high winds and rain coming in, however we made it happen! Everyone was in great spirits and ready to go so we braved the rain and created some wonderful images both for their high school senior and a nice new updated family portrait. It was wonderful!


Fall Family Portraits in Effect

Happy first day of Fall! Check out this awesome fall family portrait Flo captured last night. This family won their portrait session through a silent auction Flo participates in every year for the benefit of the Raptor Center. We couldn’t have picked a better time ourselves to redeem their portrait session. It worked out perfectly with the fall colors in full effect! They also used this time to take senior portraits for their oldest daughter. All around wonderful evening!


Coming to Lake Forest

lake forsest_5.jpg

Here in Jackson we have been lucky to photograph so many wonderful clients from all over the country. Chicago, brings us many of those happy clients. Now, this October, we are heading that way! Flo will be available for 5 days to photograph anyone and everything from family portraits for your holiday card to a new headshot. This will also be perfect for 2017 High School Seniors. Have your portrait taken by an out of town photographer and we guarantee your portraits will stand out among the class. October is the prime time in Chicago to take portraits. Flo will have a fresh outlook on the area and is always inspired by a new location. For more information please call us at 307-733-0746 or email at Do not hesitate to reach out as space is limited and we would love to get you all in during these 5 short days. This is going to fun!

Mormon Row Portraits

All the way from New York City, this family made it a priority to have Flo capture their family on vacation here in Jackson. Mormon Row is one of our favorite spots to take families, especially visitors. With a breath taking view of the Tetons, it’s the perfect place to get that mountain shot everyone is always after. However, it also provides us with great fences, barns, and tall grass to play around with. We loved how this session turned out. The Dad mentioned it was the best shoot he had participated in within the first 5 mins, it may have had something to do with our cooler of happy hour beverages;) Regardless, the kids had a great time too! All around success in our eyes.


Continuously Inspired

Flo has been photographing this family year after year at their summer home in Wilson. She is constantly trying to give clients something new each time and continues to find inspiration even in frequented locations. We love the soft and subtle backlight for this family portrait. Comfortable in the shade this family was all smiles.


Backyard Sessions

Such a wonderful backyard portrait session! Just wanted to share a little bit of what we’ve been up to lately. The Millham family had us over right around that golden hour to capture their kids being kids and a family portrait. We couldn’t be happier with the end results… keep it coming summer!